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Recreational Frequently asked questions (faq)

1. When/where are practices being held?


2. When/where are games played? 


3. What team is my child on? 

All U4-U8 registrants will be contacted by their team's coach between March 4th-March 6th regarding team information.

All U9-U14 registrants will be contacted by their team's coach between February 24th-February 27th regarding team information. 

4. How do teams get formed? 

A few different ways. U4-U6 teams are formed based on the registration questions you answered regarding teammate and coach requests. U7-U14 teams are formed based on age, gender, and teammate/coach requests. 

5. What if I am placed on a team that practices on days I cannot make? 

There is always a solution! Please contact the Rush Office Administrator to take a look at a few options. Usually players are simply placed on another team in your age group, or are moved up an age group on a team that fits your schedule. 

6. What if I do not hear from a coach between the designated dates? 

Contact the Colorado Rush office administrator, Adriana Rosthenhausler, to confirm your child has been placed on a team. Please remember all coaches are volunteers and have a full time job outside of coaching, sometimes they need to be reminded and supported in their communication with the team. 

7. Can my child play up an age group? 

If you believe your child is not being challenged in their age group, we can check on the roster availability in the higher age groups. In the U9-U14 league, players can only move up and not down an age group (according to birth year). If you are looking for another level, we do have other competitive avenues to consider at the Intermediate and Competitive levels. 

8. Where/How do I order uniforms? 

All U9-U14 players can order their uniforms here! A full uniform includes, capelli black shorts, capelli black socks,  a capelli blue jersey (home games) and a capelli white jersey (away games).

All U4-U8 players will receive a playing T-shirt from Colorado Rush. These tops will be distributed to head volunteer coaches a week prior to the first play date. All U4-U8 players will need to separately purchase black capelli shorts and black capelli socks from our uniform page here

9. I already have the Capelli Jerseys and/or black shorts/socks, do I still need to buy a new kit?

If you already have these items, that is great! Please use what you already own. We want to reduce the cost of uniforms as much as possible for our membership. 

10. I missed the registration deadline. Can I still get registered?

This depends on the age group and if teams are full in this age group. Please contact the Rush Office Administrator to inquire about availability. Registration closes on March 1, 2020 and the latest to inquire about being placed on a team is by March 20th for U4-U8 players and March 13th for U9-U14 players. 


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