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Financial Aid

About The Program

Rush strives to provide a high quality and competitive experience for all participants. In order to achieve this, Rush sets aside a finite amount of funds to award each year, based on the club’s annual budget. For this reason, only a select portion of participants are eligible for financial aid in a given year. Please read below for more information on the program or contact the Club Registrar [email protected] with any additional questions.

Financial Aid Consideration 

Financial Aid Applicants are considered based on the following criteria:

  1. Financial Need – proof of need, as specified in the application, must be provided and will be held confidential. 
  2. Player’s ability and potential for development in the club.
  3. Family’s participation in club programs or events that help offset funding awarded. 

Financial Aid Committee

A committee consisting of the Technical Director, General Manager, and the Director of Coaching in the designated division will review Financial Aid Applications.

Payment Plans

In order to ensure that fees are manageable for all participants, Rush offers payment plans to the members. Contact the Registrar [email protected] for more information.

Volunteer Commitment

Rush relies on its members for volunteer services. All Financial Aid Award recipients will be required to complete 1 hour of service per $25 awarded. Volunteer services include helping with the set up and take down of fields and events, assisting in the development of the Titan Complex, and volunteering time towards Rush programs. Volunteer opportunities will be coordinated by the Office Manager. 

Additional Resources
Rush Scrip is a highly efficient program to get 5 to 7 or even 8 percent back towards your fees through daily purchases such as gas, groceries and dining, entertainment, etc. Contact [email protected] for more information. 

Rush Bingo is another great resource for earning extra dollars towards team fees. Working only a few hours a month can add hundreds of extra dollars into your players account. Contact [email protected] 

Application - Must be Submitted before July 15.

Financial Aid Application Form


About Colorado Rush Bingo
Rush Bingo runs 3 sessions per week all at Barry's Bingo Hall located at 1860 S. Federal Blvd, Denver, CO. These sessions are Sunday afternoon, Monday night, and Wednesday afternoon.

Sunday: Managers, Cashiers, Callers report at 10:15am, Workers report at 10:30am
Monday: Everyone must report by 5:45pm.
Wednesday: Managers, Cashiers, Callers report at 10:15am, Workers report at 10:30am 
If you cannot work your shift, you are responsible to find another Rush worker to cover for you. Any uncovered shifts will result in no bingo for the following quarter.

If you are interested in working Bingo, please contact Rush Bingo at [email protected].  We will get back to you as soon as possible!


Scrip is fundraising while you shop. Here’s how it works: a family will buy a scrip gift card through Rush’s scrip program. They'll pay the full face value, but they’ll earn an immediate rebate percentage that's typically between 3% and 15% depending on the retailer. Then they use that gift card on their normal purchases.  You’re not spending extra money, and there’s no selling involved - you’re just earning for your player and their expenses!  Please click on the links below for more information.

Any questions can be directed to [email protected].


Littleton, Colorado  

Phone: 720-624-9000


Virtual: Monday-Friday
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