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May, 2019

The Passion Behind CA La Salle FL Rush


This small club in Buenos Aires, Argentina is nothing but a story about passion, and passion is the Rush.

Take a look at these photos and let me tell you what you're looking at:


These are not kids, but grown up men. Many of them are parents of those adorable kids you see wearing our Capelli Rush uniforms below:

These men, they all went to the same primary, middle, and high school: La Salle Florida. The school they wear the name of still as they play today. Even the coach is a former student.

These men, they pay to play. The club is completely funded by them. The coaches, the administrative staff, and even the doctor are pro bono.

And they've been doing this for 30 years.

Why? Because they play for their history, for the walls of the place where they grew up, for the school and club where they made their best friends.

They play every Saturday and they feel like they're defending their home. It's bigger than themselves.

I'm (Pablo Toledo, Rush Soccer’s Executive Assistant) a former student too and I was there a few weeks ago, when I brought the proposal to join the Rush.

The pre-game talk... that I won't forget. We spoke about who we were. Somebody said something that stuck with me:

"Today or tomorrow, when somebody asks who you are, don't respond with what you do. You're not an accountant, a lawyer, or a veterinarian. You're a soccer player. A soccer player that plays for La Salle Rush. Maybe you're not the best soccer player, maybe you're not even good, but that's still who you are, so give it all in there cause that's how you show respect to yourself, your teammates, and your history.”

The Rush impact on the club has been massive.

"The uniforms are beautiful; we are really happy with the quality. We lost a set or two unfortunately going through customs. Somebody might have stolen them. Unfortunately these things happen here in Argentina," laughed Manuel Parodi, one of the veteran players and Director of the La Salle Rush.

"We've been doing the impossible for this club for years. It seemed like it was going down and we couldn't stop it as less players were committing every year. Some of us... you know... we are just getting older and it gets exhausting. We are so happy with the uniforms, but even more about having the Rush on board because it created new incentives for players to join. It's helping us solve some problems that we've had for years. Now we are optimistic again that this club will grow," said Head Coach Hernan Matas.

"The REACH component is also of major value; we are helping people now. The College Program is helping too; I think that's why some new players came on board… for some of the young players this program opens doors that were never there. I wish we had these opportunities available 25 years ago, when I was young and still playing," Matas added laughing.

"Pablo, do you think they might take a 42 years old, not very skillful on the ball but with great character, and funny in the dressing rooms?" joked Javier Costa, another former player that helps the club with administrative duties.

This comment is based on real facts. A few years ago, CA La Salle Rush was, for 3 straight years, the champion of the AIFA League First Division in Argentina, the top amateur soccer league in the country. Not too long after that, the team lost the category twice. Since they joined the Rush, several new players came on board, and today they are the runner-up for the title, one point below the leader.

The league's top scorer is also one of CA La Salle Rush players: Agustin Seccades.

The club has a three phase plan based on the new partnership with Rush: (1) Returning to the first division, (2) Developing 3 PDL / AIFA senior level teams, and (3) Promoting youth divisions with the students of the La Salle Florida School (the school is home to some world-class Argentinian soccer players and athletes, like former National Team / AC Milan / Chelsea FC striker Hernan Crespo).

When I left after my trip to Argentina, they asked me if a Rush UPSL / PDL team would beat them. I said, “Well guys, they're younger, faster, maybe even prettier than you are, but I'm not sure... you have a huge fighting spirit.” Like my friend and colleague Russell Finch (Colorado Rush's Technical Director) told me once: "Sometimes it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

That's how you feel when you watch these guys play.

I really don't know who would win, but it would be a fantastic game to watch.

Passion is one of our core values at Rush Soccer. This club, La Salle Rush, is an example for all when it comes to that, and reminds us why we love this sport.

The “world’s beautiful game" is a lot more than a game, but a world-wide cultural phenomenon and a means of expression. I am glad this club is now tied in with Rush, and that this partnership can provide more opportunities for everyone who sports the Rush “R”.

-Pablo Toledo, Executive Assistant, Rush Soccer


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