7 Rush Teams to play in Presidents Cup final on Sept 21. Congratulations to the U12 Nero Boys and the U12 Nero, U13 Nero, U14 Azul, U16 Nero, U17 Nero and U18 Nero girls for advancing to the finals. Good luck to all!



About Our Coaching Staff
The Rush takes great pride in the coaches that work for us, both part time and full time. In fact they are the cornerstone, the backbone of who and what we are.

Developing soccer players is the primary objective for our coaches, but what cannot be underestimated is the importance of coaches shaping lives. Gone are the days when coaching responsibilities consist of working with X's and O's. Today, coaches must be technically proficient and tactically sound of course. But coaches must also have an understanding of how to teach players to take care of their bodies. Running sprints is no longer the only method of maintaining fitness. Today's athlete must understand the importance of endurance for sure, but strength, coordination, nutrition, are all facets of physical conditioning. Understanding the psyche of youth players and managing those players is also a key component in coaching. Today's coaches must be able to motivate and build self-esteem in their players. All this simply means we need quality, well-rounded men and women to lead our youth to success both on and off the field. Coaches are now teachers, motivators, psychologist, mentors and more.

Our coaches continually strive to develop players on and off the pitch.  It is a great privilege to coach in the Rush, the best soccer organization in America.  And with great privilege comes great responsibility. We are proud to boast of the great many hard working coaches we have who embrace this privilege and thrive with this responsibility.

Chain of Command
Any concerns questions comments should follow the chain of command designed by the Rush.  The communication chain should progress as follows: Head Coach of the team, Director of Coaching (of respective age group), DOC Senior/Youth Academy (of the respective age group), Technical Director, President  & C.E.O., Board of Directors.  Every effort must be made to adhere to the flow chart.        
Click here for details regarding the Competitive Structure.


Technical Director

Erik Bushey

Work: 303-986-5200 x 145

BIOBushey Erik - 09.11.13

DOC Senior Academy

Sean Bushey

Work: 303-986-5200 x 132
BIO Bushey Sean - 09.11.13

DOC Youth Academy

Mike Piserchio

Work: 303-986-5200 x 126
BIOPiserchio Mike - 09.11.13

DOC Goalkeeping

Michael Gabb

Work: 303-986-5200 x 131
 BIO Gabb Mike - 09.11.13

DOC Seniors

Colin Clark

Work: 303-986-5200 x 122
BIO Clark Colin - 03.12.14 

DOC Juniors

Jair Vasquez

Work: 303-986-5200 x 130
BIOVasquez Jair - 09.11.13

DOC Youth Boys

Cameron Bushey

Work: 303-986-5200 x 125
 BIO Bushey Cam - 09.11.13

DOC Youth Girls

Russell Finch

Work: 303-986-5200 x 137
BIOFinch Russell - 02.04.14 

DOC Developmental

Katie Turtle

Work: 303-986-5200 x 134 
 BIOTurtle Katie - 02.04.14 

Director of Training

Nick Blanco


BIO Blanco Nick - 02.26.14 

About Our Adminstrators
The administrative staff for the Colorado Rush is a key component to our club's overall success. We have a diverse staff of men and women who ensure that the club's day to day needs are met. Whether it is assisting the club's directors, sponsorship and fundraising, handling registration, answering phone calls and emails or simply working on general club business there are a few things that one will find consistent. The Rush administrative staff is constantly striving to be organized, professional and courteous while making sure that the wants and needs of our members is priority number one.

The administrative branch of our club plays a role in every championship we win, every player we develop and every branch partner with whom we team.


President & CEO

Tim Schulz

Work: 303-986-5200 x 128

BIOSchulz Tim 12.05.13

Office Manager/

Donna Vossbrink

Work: 303-986-5200 x 129
BIOVossbrink Donna - 08.07.13

Member Services -


Jan Slusarz

Work: 303-986-5200 x 133
BIOSlusarz Jan - 08.07.13

Member Services -


Roberta Vandervelde

Work: 303-986-5200 x 127
BIOVandervelde Roberta - 08.07.13

College Advisory


Michael Gabb

Work: 303-986-5200 x 131
BIOGabb Mike - 09.11.13

Tournament Director

Annie Bennett

Work: 303-986-5200
BIOBennett Annie06.23.14

Strength and
Conditioning Coach

Will Friend

Cell: 303-898-6324

BIO Friend Will 06.23.14

Referee Assignors

Kim Park/Denise Duran


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Begins the Path to Victory"

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