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02.18.14 - Club House 2Pauly Apostolopolous proudly welcomed us to his home the other night and did so with a smile.  What is unique about his home is that it is the Club’s home!  Pauly is a resident at Titan and member of the 18 Development Academy team.  He left his family behind in Iowa over a year ago to come play with our Academy to pursue his soccer dreams.  After graciously being housed by a teammate’s family for his initial months here, he moved into Titan soon after 2014 began.

Titan hosted its first team meeting this past week as the 16 and 18 Development Academy took in a team run and film instruction.  The Clubhouse represents so much and means so much for the club.  The 18 DA players especially found the moment special as they have literally spent blood, sweat and tears helping to build this important piece of our club culture (tears came from being at Titan many times at 6 or 7 in the morning to put in a good day’s shift!)  To see the fruits of their labor come to fruition—to now have a “home”—allows the players to know they have left a mark for the next generation of Rush players.

02.18.14 - Club House 1The opportunity to build camaraderie, to learn, to play, to relax, to improve, to hangout, to enjoy the great sport will build priceless memories; prized memories that will last a lifetime.  While this is just one step in the Titan project, it was an important and valuable one.  The excitement builds; the joy of Rush Soccer continues!

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