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Ask a Pro : Lindsey Horan

Print 08.04.12 - Lindsey and 12sIt’s not every day that you get to sit down for ice cream with a professional soccer player and pick her brain about her past, the present, and her future. Four lucky members of the G12 Nike Girls Team had this opportunity last week when they met PSG bound Lindsey Horan at Cold Stone.  Here are some of the questions Audrey, Carlee, Cori, and Rylie had for Lindsey…
Q:  Did you ever play any other sports?
A:  Before competitive soccer, Lindsey played a little bit of basketball.  She did not like it and quit.
Q:  How did you get started playing soccer?
A:  Her Mom signed her up and made her play.
Q:  Were you always such a strong player?
A:  No, she came to Rush at the U11 tryouts from a smaller club (Ice).  At the time she considered herself in the “bottom 5” of the team.  A couple of years into her Rush career was when she started having a great passion for the game.  Then, when Tim became her coach she really “took off” as a top player.
Q:  Who is your favorite coach you have ever had?
A:  Tim Schulz
Q:  Where was some of your favorite soccer trips to?
A:  Denmark and Barcelona
Q:  Are you nervous to go to Paris?
A:  She is nervous about speaking the language and playing with a different club. 
Q:  What are you excited about?
A:  She is excited to play with different players and explore a new Country.
Q:  Who will you be living with and where will you be living in Paris?
A:  She is going to live with a girl from Germany and they will have an apartment.
Q:  What is your favorite position?
A:  Her favorite position is attacking mid but she usually plays forward and she thinks she will play forward in Paris.
Q:  What will you miss when you are gone?
A:  Her family, friends, teammates and Rush!
Q:  What was one of your best soccer memories?
A:   Scoring a goal on Hope Solo this summer.  And traveling with her Rush team.
Q:  What was your favorite goal you ever scored?
A:  Once she juggled through a few players and then flicked the ball over the goalie’s head for a goal!
One interesting fact that Wes Hart told the girls was that the Paris team could have taken some of the current US National Team players however, they choose Lindsey over all of them!
The four U12 girls were excited to spend the evening with Lindsey and look forward to keeping in touch with her while she is in Paris.  She is role model to all of them!
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