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12.06.12 - Dom HonoredCongratulations to Dominique Hoecherl for being recognized by the United Soccer League for her outstanding work as General Manager of the Colorado Rush W-league team!  Dom is one of five finalists for the Betsy McAdams Key Grip Award. The winner will be announced at the 2012 USL Hall of Fame Banquet Friday, December 14, at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa. This award recognizes teams and executives that set a standard for excellence throughout 2012.
Conversation with Dom:
Q:  Many folks may assume that managing the W-league team is no different than managing any other Rush team.  In reality, there’s a whole lot more that goes into it!  Tell us about your role as GM of the CO Rush W-league team and some of the contributions that led to this honor.  
A:  It’s exciting to be on this side of the game (after years of playing and coaching) and bring my passion for the game to the GM role.  There are a number of “minimum standards” required by the United Soccer Leagues and a big part of my job is to make sure we adhere to those standards.  I’m also responsible for marketing, communications, sponsorship, gameday setup, registrations, gear, travel, away team accommodations, scheduling, and managing volunteers (to name just a few!)  I’m entering the 4th year as GM of the W-league team so I’m definitely getting more comfortable with it and I have established close relationships within the league.
Q:   What are some of the challenges that you, Rush, and the league face heading into 2013?
A:  With the announcement of the new professional league starting up in 2013, there are some things being worked out with the linkage between the leagues.  The new pro league is under US Soccer, while the W-league is USL.  Some W-league franchises may be feeders to their professional teams.  Seattle, for example, will have both a professional team and a W-league team.  While some players like Alex Morgan and Hope Solo won’t be playing in the W-league this year, there will still be tremendous talent for Rush fans to watch on our own team and across the league.
Q:  Any insight on new/returning players to the Rush W-league team for 2013?
A:  You’ll have to wait and see...we’ll keep you updated throughout the spring as our roster comes together.
Q:  Last question...describe your favorite soccer moment in your playing/coaching career?
A:   My senior year at the University of Utah, the setting is Honolulu.  Beautiful day with a warm rain coming down.  We were taking on the University of Hawaii and I scored 2 goals that day in the win.  It was a fun trip and a great win for us!
Thanks, Dom, for your outstanding work with the Rush W-league team!  The games are so entertaining to watch and a fantastic opportunity for young players to see some of the top players in the country compete.  A great way to spend a summer evening!

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