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Print Written by U18 Academy Player Javis Arellano
12.28.12 - Academy Teams 2012Traveling away to games with Colorado Rush Academy has got to be one of the most valuable experiences a soccer player can experience. The way that the trip is handled defines in true value what the club represents. Not only that, but we are also required to perform at a top level because we are in the Academy for a reason. Also, the activities going on during the trip and the way that the players handle the spare time make these away games quite interesting.

The adventure begins once we arrive in the airport. Everybody, including the coaches, team managers and the players, gather around and make sure things are going as desired. We then patiently allow ourselves to go though the security process that the airport demands in order for us to reach our boarding gate. While waiting for our fight, players take advantage of this time to get some food in their systems. Once we’re inside the plane, everybody finds a way to distract themselves and make the flight seem shorter. Some play games on their electronics and others just watch TV. Others catch up on their homework due to the fact that we miss a day or two of school. Our image and our behavior are also valuable to us and to the club. We are expected to wear kakis pants and the Rush polo that was given to us. During the trips we must keep in mind that people are always watching. Therefore, our behavior should always be top notch and professional level. Once we arrive to our destination we immediately go and rent various vans that will take us to the hotel and to the playing field.

On game day everybody wakes up early to take a shower and get some breakfast. Usually, the breakfast that we are offered is very healthy and feeds our appetite before performing. The arrival to the complex gets the anxiety kicking in. We are very anxious to play and come out with a win. At this point of the day we should all be concentrated and thinking about our future performance. The competition here in the Academy is tougher and harder each day as well. All the teams want to win and errors can really hurt you at the end. The Rush Academy is something else though. We play a different style from various teams and we always apply that to our game plan. Possessing the ball and getting out wide with our talented players is our philosophy and we believe that’s the way to a successful season.

After the game, the mood can go either way. If we win, things just feel better. When we lose, the silence fills in. Despite the result though, our managers are always helping us with everything. They make sure we eat something and are always on top of the schedule. On the free time that we have, some players go on to the pool and relax for a bit. For others, TV is rather more important. Later on, we always have a team meeting in the captain’s room. There, the coaches and players diagnose the pros and the cons of the match. After the meeting, everybody is on the same page, and that’s important to build team chemistry.

The weekend comes to an end once we arrive back at DIA. There are more things going on behind the scenes that happen while traveling though. For example, the simple but effective talk that Coach Bushey always gives to us. Those are probably the small things that have a big impact on the player and that’s why being part of Colorado Rush Academy is a privilege to all. GO RUSH!
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