Alumni Day 6


12.22.12 - 2012 Alumni Group PicThe Final Day of Rush Alumni was one that will be remembered for ages. A great turnout from young and old, combined with a spectacular performance by the Green team, made for quite the day at Foothills. We split up into 4 different teams today. Instead of splitting up randomly, the four teams were divided by age. The teams are as follows:

Orange Team - Team BABA - (17-19 yrs)
Green Team - Team Issa - (20-22 yrs)
Yellow Team - Team JT Howlan - (23-26 yrs) 
Blue Team - Team Mikey P - (27-135 yrs)

The day started with Rush CEO Tim Schulz a.k.a. Santa Claus running around the field handing out mints that he may or may not have taken from the Olive Garden the previous night. The first round matchup saw the Blue team paired against the Orange team, and the Yellows against the Greens. With a mere 20 seconds left in the match, and the Greens deadlocked at 0 against the Yellows, the greens called upon Reid "Big Bird" Hukari to save the day. Zander "Bane" Dietz took a corner kick which found the head of Hukari to give Green the late win, and 3 pts. The second round of matches saw excitement on both fields, the Yellow pulled off a buzzer beater against the Blue, thanks to an extraordinary strike from the left foot of Kellen "small" Frye. Orange held the Green to a 1-1 draw. Round 3 matched Orange up against the Yellow team. Collen Warner, JT Howlan, and JT's beard (which is long, flowing, and beautiful) were just too much for the Orange to handle. Yellow took the 3 points, and secured the #1 seed in the semifinals. The other round three matchup pitted the Blue against the Green. Just 3 minutes into the game, goalkeeper Issa "snack-pack" Bissau made a crucial mistake when he threw the ball right to his opponent, Mikey P, just 35 yards from goal. Mikey P showed his age, wisdom, and class, by taking a touch and chipping/humiliating Bissau into the goal. After Green equalized, the game was in the balance until Blue broke through again and took the 2-1 lead with just 3 minutes remaining.

The group stage came to a close and the semi final matchups were set.

#2 Blue vs. #3 Green
#1 Yellow vs. #4 Orange

The semi-finals were full of upsets and redemption. The Yellow team lost to the Orange team led by Orange forwards Baba Bojang, and Lindsey Lohan. This result stunned the 16 fans that were in attendance, as well as the entire soccer community around the world. When asked about the early exit in the semi-finals, JT Howlan had this to say: "Its disappointing. Its a tough loss to swallow. My beard and I came here for a win, and instead we finished in last place."

On the other side, Cameron Bushey (Orange Team) was quoted as saying: "Yeah my voice is very similar to Eriks."

Semifinal #2 was all about redemption for the Green team. Green team midfielder, Morgan Sacco shared this wisdom about the game: "We had just come off a 2-1 loss to the Blue, so we knew what we had to do. They cheat, we know that. They lie, we know that. They steal, we are pretty sure of that. We just have to play our game and get the result."
Green did exactly that. They came out with a vengeance and stunned the Blue team by scoring 3 goals in the opening 7 minutes. This is probably an Alumni week semifinal record. The match ended 3-0 to the Green, sending the Blue team headed back to the retirement home a little early. It was probably the best win ever. Like.... ever.

12.22.12 - Alumni Day 6The finals, contrary to the semifinals, played out exactly how everyone had expected. With a dominating performance from Green. The game was a completely 1 sided affair, with the Green team controlling the possession and the chances. 3 Goals, all for Green, was actually a good result for the Orange, as the final score could have been easily 10-0. When the final whistle blew, Green players and fans alike, erupted into celebration. Hukari, Foxhoven, and the rest of the Green charged into the lacrosse goal in the corner, possibly (probably) breaking it. After throwing Sacco into the air, and accepting the trophy, Alumni week was finally concluded. The players had to sit and pretend to listen to Bushey as he went on a 10 minute rant about something, but after that they shared hugs and handshakes, and went there separate ways. Coach Schulz interviewed the green team post championship:

It was a truly a successful week. The Countdown has begun... Only 365 more days til next years Alumni Week.

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